Courses for violence prevention and assertiveness

Harassments, bullying and violent assaults are problems, with which not only a few people are confronted in today’s society. The afflicted suffer and often don’t know how to help themselves. Seehaus e.V. developed some programs with the aim to address these problems preventatively and to teach people how to assert themselves.

Our course offers:

  1. Assertiveness for children

Safety training especially tailored to cater for preschoolers and primary school starters. The key aspect is their behavior towards strangers.

  1. Power Kid

In this workshop children and parents are being educated about the dangers of sexual abuse.  Meanwhile „Power Kid“ has been implemented into many schools’ syllabus of instructions as a compulsory program.

  1. Sex education – assignment and opportunity

This course is directed at parents and professionals in the social field. Within three periods the participants learn how to educate children factually and age-appropriately – in matters like gender, puberty, pregnancy and birth.

  1. Assertiveness for school students and adults

Courses as well as project days or weeks are being offered to school students of all age groups and school forms. In a balanced mix of theory and practice and step by step, the participants are being age-appropriately introduced to the objectives of the particular session. School classes, parents within parents’ evenings or social associations and institutions can avail themselves of trainings with key areas such as: child safety, assertiveness, bullying/cyber bullying, addiction prevention or sexual violence.

  1. COOL DOWN Training

This training is directed at all people who want to improve their impulse control and who struggle to regulate their emotions. The training includes:

  • Awareness and appropriate reaction to emotional tension
  • Recognizing triggers of frustration
  • Illustrating alternative, prosocial courses of conduct
  • Progression of frustration tolerance and emotional
  • Resiliency training
  1. Self-Defense Training for juveniles and adults
  • Basics – Foundations of assertiveness and self-defense
  • Intermediate – building on the  Basics-module
  • Advanced – for people with extensive prior knowledge
  • Knife defense – Defense against assaults with stabbing, hacking or blade weapons
  • Outdoor Training – Self-defense at real locations (underground parking, parks, alleyways, cars, stairways)
  1. Assertiveness and self-defense for people with disabilities

The course is being adjusted according tot he participants’ needs and physical/mental capabilities.

  1. Self Protection for staff members of public authorities and public institutions

Workshop (several appointments are possible at request) for staff members include theoretical and practical aspects. Own relevant topics can be included at their discretion.

  1. S.A.T. – Situational Action Training

S.A.T. is a specific type of assertiveness and self-defense. Techniques and behavioral patterns are being trained under realistic conditions in a scenario outside the gym. After the S.A.T., the trainer gives the participants a substantial feedback, including the topics: law, tactic and psychology.



  1. Talks / Speeches

These can be booked in combination with one of the above mentioned course. For this purpose we are happy to visit crèches, schools, associations, firms, public authorities and other institutions as well as private functions. Possible topics are:

  • Child abuse (target group: child care workers, teachers, parents, school social workers)
  • Child safety and assertiveness (teachers, parents school social workers)
  • Violence prevention at schools (teachers, parents, school social workers)
  • Approach to conflicts at schools (further education for educational staff)
  • Bullying (teachers, parents, school social workers)
  • Sexualized  violence in sports (trainers, exercise instructors, chairmen of associations, teachers, parents, school social workers)
  • Juvenile imprisonment in free form (talks about and guided tours of Seehaus Leonberg)
  1. Team Building

Action-loaded training for peer groups, associations, firms or social institutions that focused on the shared experience.

Self-defense for everyone

Besides the specific courses, Seehaus e.V. also offers a regular training on self-defense for everyone – in cooperation with Protactics M.S.E. It takes place in Leonberg and Böblingen. Protactics M.S.E stands for Modern Self-Defense Education and was founded by Michael Stahl. Meanwhile there are more than 30 sport schools worldwide in trainings are held according to this method.

Further offers for schools by our partner SRS:

Soccer with a vision: Professional soccer players will come to you – your school, your church community (for example: confirmation preparation group), or other groups.

Manuel Bühler (former player at 1860 München, 1.FC Nürnberg) and other professional soccer players are looking forward to your invitation. Together they have the desire to share their experiences in professional soccer with young people, to bring them joy in doing so and simultaneously to convey Christian values in their function as role models.

We offer various workshops, which do not only provide a deeper insight into the lives of professional soccer players, but also include the Christian faith in a practical manner – relevant to daily life and sport. Manuel Bühler is happy to visit you and to give a talk to your group of choice.